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From the Embers of the Phoenix

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Something Beautiful Starts to Form

As I began to write this post, it had been a long day. When I say it has been a long day, I mean in a very Monday way and in a tragic wake up call way as well. The morning started out like most Mondays do with the oldest child not waking up to the alarm, so as their secondary alarm clock you wake them. However, after waking up, they end up falling back asleep. I would say we're like most tired parents, and I don't mean newborn tired because THAT is a whole different badge of honor. I mean the snooze button gets hit because you know you can hit it at least two more times before the youngest needs to get up. This is where the morning starts to erode because of the oldest falling back asleep when you thought they were up and moving already. Then there goes the bus driving away because they ended up missing it from running behind. Luckily, the school is on the way to work for Lee aka the Maestro, so at least that's a bonus. For me, being someone who works from home all day long, I just needed to brush my hair and look halfway decent shoulders up for a Zoom meeting.

The rest of the day was a typical busy Monday until a surprise Zoom meeting pops up with enough information you can tell it's important but you're not sure what it's for. I'm not as skilled in patience once I spend some time guessing what it could be, keep refocusing to work and then drift off again. The moment of truth came when the meeting was started and you saw many with tears in their eyes from the leadership team and others. The truth was a co-worker who touched the lives of so many had been tragically murdered. I know that sounds ironic where hearing the term family be said in most workplaces is the one constant between companies, but truly there is a family here. One of my closest friends is thanks to the family I am fortunate to be a part of.

The same can be said about the family that has formed under the Phoenix Overdrive banner in many different facets. All of our work centers around philanthropy all leading up to National Game Day. The day we all look forward to and at the same time prepare for while recognizing the challenge. I mean, yes, admittedly when you're spending 24 -25 hours sitting next to and sharing space with another individual, even if they're your best friend, it can be fatiguing. Then multiply that with rows upon rows of people who are intermixed between power consumption and space requirements along with the groups coming in together that were already committed to being together through a marathon. Yet, it's more than just tolerance for other humans in your space that also brings us together. I mean, who likes to be sleep deprived while needing to focus on something and for some keep engaging their streams and viewers? The reason is simple. Philanthropy is what brings us together. Like minded individuals come together and push their limits to help support our most vulnerable patients. Access to care for the kids who need it most and access to care for each of our communities is what we're fighting for. We're also supporting the families of the kids who need Children's Miracle Network Hospitals which even further helps supports treatment.

When we were able to tour our local hospital here, Mohawk Valley Health Systems (MVHS) at the St. Luke's Campus and hearing how they support the families on such a deep level was just absolutely eye opening. The advancements in equipment that they were advocating for and needed the support on would positively change the trajectory of treatment. As a parent, as a supporter, as an advocate, and as a proud participant of the Phoenix Overdrive team, I thank you. We thank you, because with your help, support, and advocacy together we make an even greater impact. You ARE a hero to the kids and we appreciate you.

Don't forget to sign up for the team at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Discord.

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